Dedicated SMTP Infrastructure

For Promotional & Affiliate

Email Marketing

Total Email Delivery and Scalability Managed for your business!

Engage Your Customers

with our dedicated smtp servers you get all the email marketing tools you will ever need!


  • Import Contact Files
  • Custom Contact Fields
  • Search & Segment Contacts
  • Custom Unsubscribe Forms


  • Responsive Email Design
  • HTML Editor
  • Image Hosting
  • Dynamic Personalization


  • Dedicated IP Address
  • Reverse DNS
  • Custom Tracking


  • Total Campaign Stats
  • Export Report Data
  • Open & Click Reports
  • Device, IP and Location Info

Why Choose Dedicated SMTP Servers for Email Marketing?

Dedicated SMTP Servers offer highest levels of deliverability, performance and reliability when it comes to email marketing campaigns. Your IP's reputation and email campaigns do not get hurt by any other senders and you achieve highest possible inbox delivery with much lesser costs.

Proven highest deliverability rates in the industry will increase engagement and boost revenue.

Get the clearest picture possible of what happens to your email with our real-time metrics.

Rely on an experienced and knowledgeable team for performance and scalability.

A Complete Email Marketing Solution

For Your Organization

All the tools you need to send emails the right way!


Set up a simple sequence of marketing emails to be sent automatically on a schedule of your choosing. Keep your readers engaged by delivering custom drip campaigns — like a welcome series, product launch series, customer onboarding sequence, or even an online email course.

Email Subscription Forms

Using our email list sign up forms, create simple yet powerful sign up or opt-in forms. Customize your design to match your brand, add custom fields to learn more about your subscribers and even use forms to tag and segment subscribers to deliver targeted automated email marketing campaigns.

Transactional APIs

Our API, or Application Program Interface powers your transactional email. Use it to add subscribers, view and edit subscriber information remotely and access message and list statistics.

Authenticated Emails

Authenticate your email marketing campaigns with SPF, DKIM and DMARC for best inbox delivery.

Dedicated IPs

With each server you get dedicated and rotational IPv4 & IPv6 addresses to ensure higher inbox delivery.

Optimized Email Delivery

Optimize your email delivery to all the ISPs according to their bulk email marketing guidelines.

Auto Bounce Handling

Remove all the invalid emails from your database and auto clean your email lists with auto bounce handling.

Feedback Loops

Auto remove all unhappy customers who report spam with feedback loops processing.

Real Time Analytics

Track who opened or clicked your emails, bounces, spam and more with our realtime analytics.

Scalable Infrastructure

Scale up your dedicated email marketing smtp infrastructure anytime according to your needs.

Dedicated Support

Your dedicated account manager will help you and guide you with all your email marketing needs.

Become Your Own ESP

Monetize your dedicated smtp servers with our white-labeled customer management platform.

Simple Pricing As Per Your Needs

Daily Email Volume

Monthly Cost

100,000$ 599
250,000$ 1,299
500,000$ 2,199
1,000,000$ 3,799
2,500,000$ 7,199
5,000,000$ 12,299
10,000,000$ 21,999

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Need complete control over your email marketing activities?

Our service suits best to businesses who need a completely managed dedicated email marketing solution.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does MailBrainiers work?

MailBrainiers is a cloud based dedicated SMTP servers provider for email marketing that acts as an email delivery engine, allowing you to send promotional and transactional emails without the cost and complexity of maintaining your own smtp email servers. MailBrainiers manages all the technical details of dedicated smtp servers including email delivery, infrastructure scaling, ISP outreach, reputation monitoring, and real-time analytics.

Do I need to Provide a Domain?

Yes. With our dedicated smtp servers platform you can use multiple domains to send your email campaigns.

How long does it take for setup to be ready?

After successful payment it will take upto 4 working days to setup, run tests and proper DNS propagation before we release your dedicated smtp servers and you can start your email marketing campaigns.

Do you take care of SPF / DKIM / DMARC?

We always configure sending domains with proper SPF, DKIM and DMARC configurations. We may require your help at some stage to setup the DNS properly. For more information please discuss with your dedicated smtp servers account manager.

Do I have to get separate dedicated smtp servers for Promotional Email Marketing and Transactional Email API?

No! With our dedicated smtp servers you get fully configured API accessibility and SMTP access for your email marketing campaigns.

Do you offer tailored onboarding help and deliverability consulting?

Whether you’re just getting started with MailBrainiers and want to make sure that you’re configuring your IPs correctly, or have been a MailBrainiers customer for years and want to take your deliverability to the next level, our Expert Services can help you make the most of your email program!

Our Email Marketing and Delivery Consultants work with customers to evaluate their entire email program and deliver a detailed assessment to help you identify areas for optimization. Onboarding Specialists work with you through the entire set-up process to ensure that your email marketing environment is built for success.

Is there any setup fees?

No. There are no setup fees or hidden charges.

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