Frequently Asked Questions

Do you provide a free trial?

You can try MailBrainiers for free for a whole month. No strings attached and no credit card is required.

Can I send promotional emails via Transactional SMTP Servers?

No. If we detect any promotional emails going through transactional routes we will suspend your service.

What happens if I increase the number of recipients I want to send emails to?

Our Dedicated SMTP Servers are only limited by delivery speed. If you increase the number of recipients, the only thing that changes is the time needed to deliver the emails.

Can I change my plan, if I need to send emails more quickly to more recipients?

Yes. You can upgrade at any time.

How may emails can I send with 1 IP address?

You can easily send 3-5 million emails per day with a single IP address. However you will need to warm- your IP address properly to achieve those numbers.

Do you have an IP warmup plan?

Yes we do have an IP warm up plan. As we provide fresh IPs to all our customers initially, we make sure our customer warm up their IPs properly in order to achieve best results. To know more about our IP warm-up plan please refer to our IP Warm-up Guide .

Can I send to all my subscribers from day one?

No. As we will provide you a fresh to start with you will need to properly warm-up your IP to be able to get best email delivery. Please refer to our IP Warm-up Guide to learn more.

Can I connect my MailBrainiers account to my wordpress website?

Yes of course. You can use our Transactional or Promotional email APIs to connect with any platform or website. You can also use our Transactional SMTP routes for transactional emails. Please contact our support team to know more.

Do I need to buy transactional and promotional accounts separately?

Absolutely not. You will need to have only a single subscription for $250 a month for both transactional and promotional email marketing services.