Terms and Conditions for Free Month

At MailBrainiers our aim is to provide the best email marketing services at the lowest possible price to all our customers forever. To acheive this aim we have devised a customer acceptance strategy that will allow us to optimise our operational costs and keep our customers happy. This strategy has two parts -

  1. For MailBrainiers
  2. For our Customers.


Here is a brief outline of our Customer Strategy:

  • We will accept customers only in batches - Every month we will accept only 250 new customers (single batch)
  • We will provide live platform training to every batch (as per their requirements) 3 days a week during their First Free Month
  • As we are providing a dedicated IP address(es) to all our customers, our customers will be responsible for warming up the IPs
  • Customers will be able to send emails at their selected plan's full capacity only after the IP warm-up is completed successfully
  • Our customer's feedback will help us to include more features and grow further


To know more about our IP warm-up plan please visit the link

Acceptance at MailBrainiers

At MailBrainiers we will take spamming very seriously and we always take strict actions against people who try to abuse our services with spamming.

  • To make sure our customers always enjoy uninterrupted and error-free services, we always vet all the applications to join our platform.
  • To join our platform you will need to fill out the signup form completely and we will check all the details mentioned by you including your website/blog and how many monthly visitors you have using various online tools.
  • If we find ourselves unable to accept you as a customer we will notify you about the same via your registered email.
  • If you meet all our requirements, we will notify you with a welcome email and you will receive your login details within the next 48 hours.
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